The DSA Driving Test

The DSA Driving Test

Be prepared!

The DSA driving test has been designed to check if you can drive safely and whether you know The Highway Code well enough to demonstrate this through your driving. The practical test which lasts around 40 minutes also includes:

An eyesight test: This is done by reading a number plate on a parked vehicle from 20 metres or 20.5 metres, depending on whether the number plate is the old or new style (If you fail this part of the test you will not be able to continue).

Show Me, Tell Me. You will also be asked a combination of two vehicle safety checks, otherwise known as show me, tell me. Our driving instructors will run through each part of the show me, tell me test with you as part of your standard lessons.

A reversing exercise. The reversing exercise will be chosen from: A:Reverse around a corner. B:Turn in the road or C:Reverse parking. You may also be asked to carry out an emergency stop exercise.

Training with Doug at Pass With A-Plus will help you avoid the top 10 reasons for failure.

  1. Observation at junctions
  2. Reverse parking
  3. Use of mirrors
  4. Reversing around a corner
  5. Incorrect use of signals
  6. Moving away safely
  7. Incorrect positioning on the road
  8. Lack of steering control
  9. Incorrect positioning to turn right
  10. Inappropriate speed

To find out how Pass With A-Plus can help you with all your driving lesson needs call Doug on 01692 631 141 or send an email via our contact page and we will call you back at a time that suits you.